Ing. Roman Jabůrek

Ing. Roman Jabůrek

Motto: “You have to make timely decisions and, if possible, they must be the right. A good decision made late is a bad decision.”

Positions: General/Executive Director, Technical/Production Director, Chief Operating Officer / Plant Manager

Year of birth: 1964

Industries: manufacturing companies, automotive, plastic injection

Languages: Czech, English

In his active career, Roman follows the motto that carries the idea of courage to take responsibility for his decisions. Having retired from his career in the Army, Roman has held various positions including Production Division Director, Plant Director, Chief Operating Officer for a group with four manufacturing plants and Strategy and New Projects Director.

He has mainly been engaged in projects of production transfer abroad, e.g. to China, but also back to the Czech Republic, restructuring of companies and launching new projects. He has been given an opportunity to address a merger project up to the actual setting of a new strategy after the merger of the companies. Last but not least, he has implemented projects focused on organisation structural optimisation, including the closure of a manufacturing plant. His strength is his structured and systematic approach. He is able to get things started, interconnect them correctly and communicate with people with efficiency. His other competences include the practical use of project management methods.

Among his achievements, a merger project concerning two manufacturing companies, including the creation of a functional group structure, is of note. Further examples include the successful transfer of production in the automotive and small aircraft sectors.

Roman has implemented projects in the following companies:

  • DURA automotive
  • ETA a.s. Plastkov
  • Megatech
  • JIHLAVAN airplanes