Are you sold out, can’t make it?

Do you lack people, systems, technology?

Are you not meeting delivery deadlines?

Need to manage growth?

Types of development projects for which we have the people and competences

Even rapid growth can be your enemy.

Your company “heats up” and you’re up to your eyeballs with orders. This is the precise moment you may realise you lack key people, money, or both.

It is a time to cooperate with people who have gained experience in companies bigger than yours. You don’t have to wait for your people to grow up. Time is money, that much is clear. It is necessary to improve and expand your company!

How we proceed

  1. We hold an initial meeting, agree on the brief and hand over the project documents
  2. We will draw up an investment project with all necessary particulars
  3. Together we will select suitable people and/or investors and arrange for financing
  4. We will manage the implementation of the project, ensure progress control and the subsequent handover of the project

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