We offer nearly 100 top external managers with experience from international companies. They also have extensive experience in executive positions. We save clients´ time and money, as we are fast and flexible, capable of handling any project!


  • Operating leasing of managers
  • Experienced professionals promptly
  • Guaranteed and risk-free

Development projects

  • We are sold out and cannot keep up
  • We lack people, systems, technologies
  • We are unable to meet delivery deadlines
  • We need to manage our growth

Annuity from the company

  • I own a successful company
  • Time to move on
  • I wish to pass the baton
  • I wish to enjoy life while having control and receiving annuity

Restart of company

  • Prices of materials and energy are increasing
  • Suppliers do not to meet deadlines
  • Customers do not accept price increases
  • I am afraid of bankruptcy

Choose your interim manager from our portfolio of nearly 100 experts! We cooperate with verified experts who have extensive and high-quality experience from international companies. An interim manager will save your time and costs!

Select a specialist for your team!

professional and experienced MANAGERS

COMPANIES have been managed by our colleagues

BILLION in turnover per year

EMPLOYEES have been managed by our colleagues

COUNTRIES where our colleagues have operated

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