Marketing & Business

Do you want to expand?

Acquisition or merger?

Are you planning to export abroad?

Are you planning a strategic partnership?

Are you planning to expand? Only precise preparation will protect your investment

When expanding into new markets it is essential to conduct thorough market research and understand local competition, legal norms and cultural differences. Success requires flexibility and adaptation to local conditions. A key factor is having an experienced specialist by your side to manage the project effectively. We have a team of managers who know how to ‘pack their bags’ and work from abroad 100%. Expansion is their bread and butter. Put your money on experts!

How we proceed

  1. We select the right project manager for your expansion.
  2. We will then provide an analysis and propose a suitable strategy for implementation.

We deal with:

  • direct export
  • franchise networks
  • licensing-based business networks
  • joint venture business networks
  • establishment and start-up of subsidiaries
  • expansion through mergers and acquisitions
  • implementation of e-commerce and digital marketing solutions
  • expansion through strategic partnerships and alliances

Which strategy should you choose? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

We won’t give you advice! We will provide you with an expert (project manager) for your smooth expansion into new markets. Our services streamline adaptation to market conditions and support strategic growth.

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