Our team comprises experienced and successful managers from various industries. We enjoy challenges and have hundreds of successful engagements and projects under our belt. In addition to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we also work in other countries. Most of us have additionally worked in multinational companies.

Business Managers 4U

Use our experience and executive skills to your benefit! Together we can overcome a complicated situation, take your company to the next level or represent you and your company in a controlled manner.

Ing. Stiva Jokeš, Managing Director of BM4U s.r.o.

Our mission

As experienced and successful managers, we are involved in the expansion of Czech companies and have protected many a company from bankruptcy. We have developed business and companies throughout the world. We earn credit on what we know, what we can do and what we have experienced.

professional and experienced MANAGERS

COMPANIES have been managed by our colleagues

BILLION in turnover per year

EMPLOYEES have been managed by our colleagues

COUNTRIES where our colleagues have operated

BM4U s.r.o.
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