Ing. Radek Zeman, MBA

Ing. Radek Zeman, MBA

Motto: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” (H. Ford)

Position: General/Executive Director, Sales/Marketing Director

Year of birth: 1970

Industries: Trade, FMCG, power engineering, production

Languages: Czech, English

Radek is an experience-honed manager in top form who is able to perfectly combine his varied experience within his work with his economic and general acumen and “helicopter” insight. He is not afraid to assume responsibility and to make decisions on important matters, while acting with discretion. He can initiate changes and prefers complex challenging projects to “fine-tuning”. What other people fear, Radek accepts as a challenge and does not mind working under pressure or the uncertainty of success of the whole project. He is a bit impatient during his work, exploring different scenarios, and always has a backup alternative ready.

Radek’s strength is management of manufacturing companies. A large part of his professional life has been spent in B2B trade. Working his way up from the grassroots to senior management in trade and marketing, he has also held a number of positions in strategic management, as a Board of Directors member, Managing Director and authorised signatory. A rebel, he likes to change the rules and enjoys business development in all forms. His forte is the ability to sweep others away for acceptance and fulfilment of common goals and to set a personal example, while being able to motivate the team and delegate carefully.

By way of example, Radek’s achievements include successful trade management of a power engineering start-up, strategic business management of a food industry holding, and the creation and management of an acquisition and business development section in power engineering.

Radek has implemented various projects in the following companies:

  • ODKOLEK, a.s.
  • ČEZ ESCO, a.s.