Ing. Jiří Husák

Ing. Jiří Husák

Motto: “Long-term business success will only be achieved by using the potential of the whole team.”

Position: General/Executive Director, Sales/Marketing Director

Year of birth: 1966

Industries: Construction, electrical engineering, trade

Languages: Czech, English, German

Jiří, as a leader, manager and business maker, left his greatest mark during his sixteen-year tenure as CEO at Somfy. He transformed the initially troubled small company into a dominant market leader in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and a premium brand in the shading industry. Later, as the Territory Brand Director of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, he managed the merger with an affiliated company and took over the management of all Group brands on the market. He worked as a member or team leader on numerous international projects for Somfy Int., a global producer and supplier of engines and automation for shading control in residential, commercial and smart home buildings.

Jiří’s strength include leadership – the ability to lead people and achieve set long-term objectives. Jiří is able to stimulate staff proactivity and commitment, to fully engage their skills with dexterity and a desire to create. Jiří sets demanding goals and is able to bring them to a functional end in practice. He is also an elite sales manager and tradesperson, who has mastered trade management, key account management, negotiating with customers and development of customer relationships, business communication, mentoring and coaching of vendors and sales teams, and tuning of stores and client centres.

In addition to the above-mentioned long-term engagement with Somfy, Jiří’s achievements include his own business, also involved in the area of business development, management and teams, as well as investments.

Jiří gained recognition as a personality within the CZECH TOP 100 Map of Achievements.

Jiří has implemented projects in the following companies:

  • Somfy (Czech Republic and Slovakia)
  • Thyssen Hünnebeck
  • ČKD Slaný, a.s.