Bc. Michal Turek

Bc. Michal Turek

Motto: “Just because you don’t know how… Does not mean that it cannot be done.”

Position: General/Executive Director, Technical/Production Director, Quality Manager, HSE/OHS, Chief Operating Officer / Plant Manager

Year of birth: 1978

Industries: Manufacturing – mostly automotive

Languages: Czech, English, German

Michal is one of those managers who worked their way up to executive management through roles as an engineer, project, process and product manager. This enabled him to gain tremendous insight into individual activities. He is therefore able to achieve noteworthy results using non-standard methods, which, however, after successful implementation, are immediately enshrined in standard corporate processes. Thanks to active communication and efforts to involve as many stakeholders as possible, Michal is able to enthuse the rest of the team with even small successes to adopt the task as their own, a method which always brings faster and better results.

Michal’s strength is managing the development of new products, from idea to implementation, not only design documentation, protypes and assembly lines, but also the production of new greenfield manufacturing plants with fully trained staff, the set-up of internal processes and approved operations not only by customers, but also state supervisory bodies.

He implements automation and artificial intelligence elements in all (not only production) processes to simplify work activities and eliminate redundant costs to the greatest possible extent.

Michal’s achievements include, among others, the award of the Gold Medal at the International Engineering Fair in Brno (2021) in the Industry 4.0 category for an exhibit combining four unusual technologies, controlled by means of neural networks. Purely managerial, non-technical achievements include, for example, the transformation of manufacturing companies after the original owner’s bankruptcy and the transfer of the companies under the wings of a new globally operating holding.

Michal has implemented projects in the following companies:

  • Honeywell
  • Michel
  • Web
  • TRCZ
  • Continental Corporation