PhDr. Martina Pěkná

PhDr. Martina Pěkná

Motto: “Don’t let the one who says something can’t be done keep the one who is doing it.”

Positions: Chief Financial/Economic Director, General/Executive Director

Year of birth: 1983

Industries: Investment group focused on real estate and manufacturing, law firm, investment company specialising in qualified investor funds, corporate governance, financial auditing focused on manufacturing companies

Languages: Czech, English, French

During her career in management, Martina has learned that “When you don’t like your job, you don’t go on strike, you do your job halfway,” as H. Simpson has reportedly said. Martina believes that surrounding yourself with capable people, creating a strong and motivating team, where there is even space for a sense of humour – these are the ingredients for good long-term company results.

In addition, Martina has a wealth of experience in transforming business companies and project management. She is ready to deal with complex situations and conduct various business negotiations.

Martina’s strength is professional communication, including negotiation. She is able to “compel” others to cooperate and even gets gratitude from them. She looks at situations from multiple perspectives, even outside of her competence, and is able to quickly orient herself in a new environment. Her characteristic feature is responsibility and diligence. She values decent people and approaches life with humility.

Its greatest successes include the successful restructuring of a large property group, including foreign entities. Furthermore, she managed the process of changing a family-owned law office into a mid-sized firm, now ranking among the leaders in selected areas of law. Last but not least, she was successful in setting up the financial management of a financial group.

Martina has implemented projects in the following companies:

  • DBK Partners, law firm
  • ICP Group
  • Deloitte Audit