PhDr. Josef Diblík

PhDr. Josef Diblík

Motto: “Where there is a will, there’s a way.”

Position: Chief Financial/Economic Director

Year of birth: 1979

Industries: Banking, transportation, power engineering, manufacturing

Languages: Czech, English, German

Josef has been involved in corporate finance throughout his career, ranging from the day-to-day management of the finance department to strategic projects, such as the sale of companies, opening of new business or dealing with crisis situations.

He has worked on both sides of the “negotiation desk”, first as a banker and then as Chief Financial Officer. In his banking career, he gained experience in financing from small start-ups to international conglomerates, solving difficult situations, financing a rapid expansion, or, on the other hand, dealing with deep crises. He got right down to practical financial management from “ground zero” as Chief Financial Officer in a manufacturing company that grew at double-digit speed several years in a row.

Josef’s forte consists in his extensive experience utilised in change projects, especially with clients who look for the best practice in money and risk management and are interested in turnkey solutions. His aim is to clearly identify, facilitate and accelerate cash and data flows, to build system with clear-cut rules so that everyone knows their place, their roles and responsibilities, while ensuring that finance supports rather than hinders business.

Josef has implemented dozens of successful projects during his career including, in particular, the sale of companies, operational and investment financing and acquisitions, and he has further implemented process changes within corporate finance with great success.

He enjoys his work when the customer receives tangible project results and is recommended significant improvements, within the agreed time and price. Josef prides himself on openness and direct communication, a strong drive to get things done and followed through until completion.

Josef has implemented projects in the following companies:

  • Patria Corporate Finance
  • CEZ
  • Czech Railways
  • Energy and industrial holding
  • Czechoslovak Group