Ing. Jan Ander

Ing. Jan Ander

Motto: “I like challenges and enjoy helping others succeed.”

Positions: General/Executive Director, Sales/Marketing Director

Year of birth: 1965

Industries: FMCG, telecommunications, food processing

Languages: Czech, English

Jan has worked as a freelance consultant and interim manager for business owners for more than the last ten years. The focus of his work was on the area of (re)defining corporate strategy and its practical implementation, creation of financial plans, optimising business processes, etc. He has recently also been concerned with the crisis management of companies “in distress”.

Before becoming a freelance professional, Jan primarily worked in managerial positions where inventiveness and a high degree of independence were required. He moved in an environment where his main task especially consisted in creating and setting corporate and business processes, including their subsequent implementation.

Jan’s forte is mainly his personal characteristics including moral integrity, self-motivation, life and professional experience. Last but not least, his decisiveness and a focus on results can be added to his strengths. Regardless of the industry, he is always able to adapt to the environment and culture of the given company. Even where the environment is “unclear”, he will find a solution, implement a change and motivate employees to accept that change

Jan’s achievements include, for example, the introduction of modern payment technology in payphones (2002), when losses caused by “unauthorised” use of the telecommunications network totalling hundreds of millions of Czech crowns per year were eliminated. Another achievement is marked by the successful remediation of a company through bankruptcy (2017), when the functional structure of a manufacturing plant was redeveloped and the given entity was transferred to a new owner.

Jan has implemented projects in the following companies:

  • Czech Telecom