RNDr. Ivan Martiš, MBA

RNDr. Ivan Martiš, MBA

Motto: “Never say never!”

Positions: General/Executive Director, Sales/Marketing Director

Year of birth: 1964

Industries: Manufacturing in healthcare and mechanical engineering, healthcare

Languages: Czech, English, Slovak

In his active career, Ivan follows a motto that carries an idea of courage for change. He is experienced in the creation and implementation of business strategies and in the management of marketing activities. He has also been in charge of projects ranging from development to implementation and the subsequent sales of those products, both in the B2B and B2C areas. These innovative projects and activities delivered a high added value to customers. Based on these achievements, his team changed the “rules of the game” in specific business areas and was thus even able to create competitive advantages in a very competitive environment.

Ivan has a wealth of experience in managing and developing the business organisations of international companies (Country Manager) in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and also in China. He was in charge of all operations – sales, marketing, customer service, finance (P&L, cash flow), HR and management of relationships with distributors and key accounts.

At Coloplast, his team continuously achieved such profitable growth that the company became a Slovakian, and later also a Czech market leader. He greatly contributed to the creation of a strong brand, the development of the marketing strategy and the strengthening of this market leading position in all areas of business. In the course of his engagement, Coloplast achieved a cumulative revenue growth of 94% compared to the situation before he joined the company. At Linet, where he held the position of Country Manager – Greater China/CEO Asia Pacific, Ivan developed distribution networks in the areas of Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Vietnam and South Korea. Moreover, he actively pursued new sales opportunities in selected countries in East Asia.

Based on his excellent communication skills, responsibility and credibility, Ivan is very strong in building relationships and partnerships with all relevant authorities, VIP clients, suppliers and distributors. In addition, he has extensive experience in managing business teams, key account management and product portfolio management.

Ivan’s unique managerial assets include the skill to create teams of highly motivated and engaged team members.

Ivan has implemented projects in the following companies:

  • Coloplast A / S
  • Novartis