Ing. Jaroslav Kulhanek

Ing. Jaroslav Kulhanek

Motto: “Never has one door closed without another opening.”

Position: General/Executive Director, Chief Financial/Economic Director

Year of birth: 1966

Industries: Banking, power engineering, mining, manufacturing, healthcare

Languages: Czech, English

Jaroslav’s professional career follows a motto that encourages new challenges, the search for new alternatives and new opportunities. He has never been satisfied with simple solutions and has made it a habit to look for other options and non-standard solutions. Even when he has been with a company for a longer time, he has always initiated new projects in pursuance of savings, optimisation and new revenues.

Since 2014, when he decided to establish his own consultation and advisory platform, he has twice returned from an external position to that of an executive manager in a client’s company as it was necessary to face new challenges with full responsibility.

Jaroslav has especially proven himself within corporate financial and change manager roles, but he has also succeeded as CEO of two companies operating in power engineering.

Once in a new environment, Jaroslav is always able to quickly orient himself, to identify the key functional relations and people. He accurately and purposefully proposes changes and consistently demands their performance. Jaroslav’s forte is communication, searching for new solutions, and the skill to identify strong individual motivational tools for key personalities within companies. He is talented in persuading change process participants to actively engage in implementation.

Jaroslav’s wealth of previous work experience and multitude of familiar environments present a great advantage.

Among his greatest personal achievements, he counts work progression within the ČSOB bank from a client officer to a branch manager to director of one of the key departments of the bank’s headquarters. His professional achievements include his involvement in reorganisation, optimisation and investment projects during his work for Teplárna Zlín s.r.o. (investment of CZK 1 billion, or the reduction in headcount by 30%, sale of an affiliated company, implementation of SAP).

Jaroslav has implemented projects in the following companies:

  • ČSOB a.s.
  • Teplárna Zlín s.r.o.
  • OKD a.s.
  • Kovárna VIVA a.s.
  • Green Gas DPB a.s.