Ing. Jan Postolka

Ing. Jan Postolka

Motto: “Every problem can be solved. Even if it hurts sometimes.”

Position: Chief Financial/Economic Director

Year of birth: 1967

Industries: Healthcare, power engineering, banking

Languages: Czech, English

In his career, Jan has gone through several very different industries, where he had to very quickly find his way around in a new, most often hostile environment. His quick orientation, ability to focus on what is important and to put things into perspective allow him to work in industries in which he has no previous experience.

At the time of privatisation of the entire economy, he embarked on his career as a bank loan officer, and his interest in capital markets gradually drove him into investment banking.

Experience gained in corporate finance was readily utilised by him after moving to the client side, in the role of CFO in a number of companies in crisis, some even on the verge of bankruptcy. The projects included the rescue and restructuring of ŠKODA PRAHA a.s. and the ESIDE Holding (a group of companies that once owned the stadium in Eden).

In several other projects, e.g. in MEDICON Holding, he tested his skills on post-acquisition management, consisting in the consolidation of companies with various initial owners, a diverse corporate culture and varying performance. During the several years in the above holding, he was actively involved in a number of spin-off, acquisition and division projects.

Jan’s greatest achievements as CFO not only include the rescue of the above-mentioned companies, but mainly the significant appreciation of the investments of the shareholders who hired him for those projects.

Jan has implemented projects in the following companies:

  • ŠKODA PRAHA a.s.
  • Holding MEDICON
  • Holding ESIDE