Ing. Filip Wrnata

Ing. Filip Wrnata

Motto: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Positions: General/Executive Director, Technical/Production Director, Chief Operating Officer / Plant Manager

Year of birth: 1969

Industries: Mechanical engineering and production, procurement and logistics, HR, M&A

Languages: Czech, English

In his career, Filip has held various managerial positions, such as Supply Chain Manager, Production and Logistics Manager, HR Manager, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer. In these positions, in addition to the necessary operational and management responsibilities, he has primarily been involved in the set-up of internal processes and the planning and management of business strategy and growth. Within strategic projects, he has also overseen new company acquisitions and their integration into the group. These activities have comprised several due diligence projects.

Thanks to his broad scope and range of experience, Filip is able to thoroughly detail situational status and formulate the objectives and necessary steps required to stabilise or develop a company, emphasising detailed knowledge of the problems concerned, good planning and communication during his work.

Among his successful projects he counts, e.g., the logistical relocation of a manufacturing plant from Great Britain to the Czech Republic, the establishment of a distribution centre for Europe in the Czech Republic, an advanced planning system implementation project, a project to relocate a paper-producing machine from Canada to Russia, acquisition of PMT Italia, due diligence process coordination during the acquisition of ABK France, acquisition of Gorostidi assets (Spain), due diligence process coordination for strategic partner entry into the company, etc.

Filip has implemented projects in the following companies:

  • PAPCEL, a.s.
  • Ingersoll-Rand
  • PMT Italia
  • Gorostidi